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About us

What do we do?

Fresh Day – delivers delicious and healthy dishes.
Our menu includes: catering, individual menu and meals plans.

Fresh Day cateringFresh day catering menu

Our service helps you to reach your goals with minimal time spent.
Do you want to spend an evening with family or you need more time for office work? Wanna spend one more hour in a gym or have a bike-ride in a local park
Now you have such opportunity!

Our story

This service was build up in 2016 by a group of friends that were ready to change their lifestyle in a healthy way. However right from the start they got too lazy to cook  100% healthful dishes at home.

Fresh day teamFresh day mini-pies

So we just thought that a person who wants to lose weight, detox its body or just get rid of unhealthy food habits might be really stressed. And in addition such person work out in a gym and keeps thinking what he or she should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order not to miss his or hers effort.
There was an idea: “How great it would be if I could just come back home, open up my fridge and take 100% cooked and healthy dinner! And how cool it would also be to treat your colleagues for a party at the office with appetizers made of fresh, nutritional and healthy food.”
Yes, that’s how Fresh Day appeared.
We will take care about your nutrition so you could reach your goals faster! 

Our team

We gathered a team of professional chefs and specialists in health nutrition in order to make healthy dishes and 100% effective meals plans.

Fresh day kitchenFresh day is working
Every employee is responsible for its personal tasks and it makes our service work smooth and well.
We thank you for choosing Fresh day to reach your goals, keep fit and have a healthy and active lifestyle.