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1. When will I get my order?

Our dishes are extremely fresh and that is why we make food and other products planning properly.
Because of that you can order dishes from the Individual menu in advance (24 hours). We ask you to get the additional information about the delivery time by phone.


2. How can I cancel my order?

If your plans have changed and you cannot get the order we would really appreciate if you could inform us in advance.
Please, contact our manager by phone the day before and tell us the name and the address so we could find your order in our system.


3. How can I contact the nutritionist?

You can easily get in touch with our nutritionist by sending a message from our web-site using the page Contacts. You can also send us an e-mail and we will inform our nutritionist as soon as possible so you could get the answers to your questions.

4. What is the “Collective order”?

This kind of on-line order is perfect for office managers! If you’d like to order just a couple of dishes and don’t want to pay for the delivery, just share a link to our web-site with your friends and colleagues. You can easily order several dishes from different sections of our menu so the min sum of the purchase will be bigger. It’s really convenient and economical!

5. How and where can I leave a comment and my review about your service?

Your opinion is very important for us and that’s why we will appreciate if you leave your review about our company on our official pages in Social networks.
If you’d like your comments to be published on our web-site, please, send us the text by email: info@freshday.ru
Don’t forget to mention the number of your order.


6. Can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, at the moment this kind of service is unavailable. But we’ll try to add this variant to the delivery options so you could easily come to our place and take your order.

7. How my order will be delivered?

All of our dishes are packed in individual and 100% environmental friendly containers that have placed information about the name of the dish, list of products that are included, the production date, the number of calories and storage recommendations.
You can easily take such dishes to the office or on a trip.


8. What’s the difference between Fresh Day and other common services?

Fresh Day team cares about the quality of our meals. We consult our nutritionist to make new recipes and choose only healthy and fresh products for cooking to deliver you our delicious menu in the right time!
We don’t just have Meals plans that can help you to reach your goals but also Individual meals with main and side dishes and healthy drinks and Catering.
And we don’t forget to impress our customers with lots of discounts and special offers.
Make sure that healthy food can be delicious!

Didn’t find the necessary information?
Send us an email and we’ll answer all your questions as soon as possible.