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You can buy delicious and healthy dishes on our web-site within a few steps:

1. Make your order

After choosing the dishes from the menu press the button Order and the product will be added to your basket.
Then you should press My basket, like that you will be able to see the whole list of the dishes that you’ve chosen.
In the Quantity you can change the number of the dishes. And don’t forget to press Recount to see the total sum of your order.
You can also Delete any dish from your basket or Postpone it for later. And mention the promo-code or anything else to get a personal discount.

2. Order confirmation

After you’ve added information about the address and contacts for the delivery, press the button Place your order.
You will receive the copy of your order by e-mail.
Attention! Incorrect phone number or delivery address might be the reason of the delay. Pay attention to the personal data!
In a few minutes you’ll receive a call from one of our managers to confirm the order and ask for any details.

Note: there is Log in for regular customers. In your account you can also look through the basket content, the order history or repeat/cancel the order and subscribe for our news.

3. Payment and prices

All prices on our web-site are final and don’t need any additional sums if you choose the ordinary delivery rules. All taxes are included in the dishes prices.
Possible payment methods:

  • Cash 
    Payment is made by cash to the delivery-man. You will get the trade and cash checks.
  • Payment by credit card
    Payment is made by credit card to the delivery-man via the mobile terminal.

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